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Friday, December 14, 2007

Classified Ads Produce Big Results

Once again, I would like to talk about the power of classified ads. Placing classified ads to sell a product or a service is especially effective when the ad is placed on the Internet. Take that effectiveness and combine it with the cost of FREE, and you have one great advertising package! has an article "Classified Ads: Big Results for Small Businesses" by Kevin Nunley. He gives some tips for writing effective ads and how they can be especially useful to small businesses. His article concludes with this assessment:

"Classified ads have often been called the poor person's advertising. The fact is, they work for almost every business. Check the pages of your local "shopper" newspaper and you will see most of the BIG businesses in your town using classified ads, too. With strong, high-impact writing and a little persistence, classifieds can be one of the Internet's best bargain for your dollar."

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1 comment:

Firefly Glow & Novelty said...

Great article that I completely agree with. Small businesses can compete through classifieds, it's a great resource that the big companies don't use. It also increases your rank in search engines.