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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Advertising Strategies for Small Businesses

If you have a small business and are in need of a great way to advertise, then you are in luck! offers free online classified ads. Before you dismiss the idea of just another classified ad site, you might want to read the rest of this. You wouldn't want to overlook a tremendous resource for advertising.

A smaller business means a smaller budget. Cutting costs and finding free resources is important for you overhead. The saying "some of the best things in life are free" is absolutely correct when it comes to Flugpo.

In case you missed the post Flugpos Free Advertising Delivers A Punch!, I will give a brief synopsis from it that reviews the benefits of using Flugpo's free classified ads. You can click on the link above to read the whole article.

"Let's review the power of advertising through free classified ads on

*Your free classified ad is shown on the main site to a community of thousands.
*Your free classified ad has a great chance of being shown on this blog providing you with an entire Internet audience.
*Any free classified ad shown on this blog is also fed right into a powerful Squidoo lens."

Who can benefit from using Flugpo's free classified ads? Anyone that has a product or service to sell! From Joe Shmoe selling an old couch to Tiffany selling her latest pair of shoes that she never wore.

Flugpo is not just about selling your old things. Any business can advertise there. This is a perfect way for a small Mom and Pop shop to get the word out about their store without spending a dime.

Real estate agents can also take advantage of Flugpo's free advertising. An agent could easily post their listings as a free classified ad under the "housing" section at Flugpo. What better way to get your real estate listings seen by more people?!

Do you have a blog or a website that needs more traffic? If it offers a product or a service, why not post a free classified ad that points to the site? Promote your Squidoo lens in this way too! There are many categories to choose from when you list your classified ad. This includes a global listing option which makes Flugpo available for international postings.

Don't forget, your classified ad might also be shown on this blog for extra exposure! What other form of free advertising can possibly offer all of that? Do you know any other free classified ad site that can deliver that much power to your punch? Place your free classified ad on Flugpo and get the most for your time and effort!

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