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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Facebook Conspiracy?

I would like to thank our reader Mandy for pointing out this link. She had read my post International Delete Your MySpace Account and commented how Facebook was worth deleting too. This is a video about how Facebook shares your information and shows the connections all the way to the top. You will be surprised at what you hear.

I am going to delete my MySpace AND my Facebook account. I have never liked either of them and never use them. I prefer the simplicity and the safety that Flugpo offers.


Anonymous said...

You're full of shit.

Kelly said...

Well, I don't know about THAT, but I am full of spit and vinegar. Oh yes, and manners too. Have a nice day "Anonymous".

C-Squared said...

The girl in that video is trying to sound dramatic and "scary", but she has the voice of a ten year old. I just can't take that video seriously.

If you don't want people selling your information, don't put it out there. Companies do this stuff all the time. It's no big surprise. Facebook is basically the same thing as Myspace, they just do the ads in a way that's a little less noticeable.

Kelly said...

"The voice of a 10 year old" you said. Funny, I didn't notice it but you are right :) Maybe it was over dramatic but regardless, I just never liked Facebook and I know many others that don't either.