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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Sinister Side Of The Net

"Join me Luke on the Dark Side" said Darth Vader. I had to say that because my dramatic title inspired a Star Wars image in my head.

Once again, Craigslist is being slammed. This time it is not because of some of their ads that have been related to crimes. Now their forums are coming under fire.

"The site, like other community forums or newspapers that accept sex-oriented personals and don't screen their ads, periodically makes headlines in prostitution stings or pedophile arrests. While Craigslist is operating on relatively new technology, the problems of misuse are as old as the First Amendment. "The lack of oversight in some places seems to bring out the worst people, and the worst in people," Freeman said."

I personally have no interest in participating in "sinister" forums but hey, to each their own! It is a free country and if it floats their boat.... what can you do?

A good example of a friendly and safer forum site would be our beloved Flugpo! There are no crazy creeps there or "hate" discussions. It is a forum full of people who want to discuss shared interests with new friends.

Besides, can Craigslist offer you Double Exposure For Your Free Classified Ads??? Can they provide you a cool contest that provides the winner one month of free ad space?? I think not!

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