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Monday, December 10, 2007

Flugpos Free Advertising Delivers A Punch!

Do you know the power of advertising through Let me explain the multiple benefits of using their free classified ads. is a community with thousands of members. These members participate in discussions and groups and become friends. They also browse the free online ads that Flugpo has to offer. This is a way to advertise for free to an established audience.

The free classified ads are also featured here on this blog. This gives the ads extra exposure to all Internet searchers. Blogs are monitored constantly by search engine spiders and crawlers. This keeps all information current and up to date. Content from blogs is available for search almost immediately. In fact, the posts on this blog that have featured the free ads from Flupo have received the most Google searches. This shows that people are searching for what you have to sell!

Here is one more way that you get power from your free advertising from Flugpo. There is a Squidoo lens for Flugpo. You can take a look at it right here. You will see that there is a RSS feed from this blog right on the lens. That means that every ad from Flugpo that is shown on this blog also shows up on that Squidoo lens. If you know the power of Squidoo, then you know how valuable that is. Squidoo lenses get tons of Google searches and your free classified ad is right there for everyone to see!

Let's review the power of advertising through free classified ads on

  • Your free classified ad is shown on the main site to a community of thousands.
  • Your free classified ad has a great chance of being shown on this blog providing you with an entire Internet audience.
  • Any free classified ad shown on this blog is also fed right into a powerful Squidoo lens.

What other form of free advertising can possibly offer all of that? Do you know any other free classified ad site that can deliver that much power to your punch?

Place your free classified ad on Flugpo and get the most for your time and effort!

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