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Sunday, December 9, 2007

International Free Classified Ads

I am writing this in response to Lesli Ann's post right below this one. I have some good news for you Lesi Ann! Flugpo's free classified ads are for everybody and for every country.

The classified ad section has options for the region that you would like to post your ad. There is an option for "global" which would indicate that your item or service is available worldwide. welcomes people from all across the world! Join free to make new friends, share interests, join groups and discussions. It does not matter where you live because Flugpo is for everyone!

Don't forget to place your free classified ad! Not only will your free ad be shown at Flugpo, but it might also be shown on this blog which gives your ad double exposure!


Leslie Ann said...

Wow, I didn't know that. Thanks a lot! Maybe I'll try my luck contacting the seller of the Graco swing then...Maybe we can work something out with shipping. Thanks!

Success Not By Chance said...

Hi Kelly,

The way I see it, is unique and a great place to ads. I'll definitely add it into my list.

Thank you.
Free Classifieds

Kelly said...

Hey, thanks! I appreciate it :)

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Anonymous said...

Great free classifieds ads site.

I will have to try it out.