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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How To Write Successful Ads

The way in which you write your ad can determine its success or failure. Taking a little extra time to word your ad properly is usually time well spent. Even if you are placing a free classified ad, these tips can help you make that sale.

It is tempting to write a very brief ad with just the basics. How much is there to say about the old baseball bat that you are selling? The answer is, a lot more than you think.

If you are placing an ad that is going to be on the Internet, the main thing you should consider is "keywords". Keywords consists of words or phrases and are the essence of search queries. Adding the proper keywords to your ad will make your ad show up in more search results.

Keywords and an appealing description of your product or service will make your ad more attractive. Let's think about that baseball bat again. Did you win a championship with it? Was it your lucky bat? Tell people why this bat is special. Add as many details as you can. How long is the bat? What brand is it?

Think about how you search the Internet. Many people use search phrases now rather than just a single word. Could your item be found in the form of a question? Try to put wording into your ad that you think searchers might use for their query.

What are the terms of your sale? If you listed your item in Texas, are you willing to ship to Alaska? If you put your shipping terms as part of your ad body, this is another way to draw more searchers. It is also important to put the terms of payment in your ad. Be clear as to what forms of payment you will accept and also a time frame for payment. If you accept multiple forms of payment, be sure to include that information as well.

Pictures go a long way towards ad appeal. If you have a picture for your product or service, posting it in your ad can make all the difference. Visual appeal plays a big role in purchase making decisions.

Now that you have your descriptive ad written, it is time to give it a little extra push. Any time I put one of the free classified ads from on this blog, I use the social bookmarking tool right below the post. I submit the post to Digg, Stumble and Delicious. This will promote the ad to a much larger audience. If you see your ad has been posted here, it would help your ad if you were to submit it to these sites as well.

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Anonymous said...

Very informative, nice writing and a nice read

Kelly said...

Thank you very much :)